Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summertime Sunflowers

For the past couple of years these sunflowers bloom every year and I have wanted to take pictures of my kids by them and always forget. So today as we arrived at the farm I didn't wait but went and got the camera and did it first thing.

This was out last picture and the kids were done, but I still think they're cute.
Kaitlyn 6, Ethan 3, Ryan 2 1/2 months.

I LOVE living where and how we do. We truly are blessed.

I'm sure glad they like each other.

I loved this one. (Can you see how many sunflowers we are talking about here?) They grow everywhere and are beautiful.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Fish Incident

So I had to blog about this little incident at our home so that I won't soon forget it. Two years ago for Kaitlyn's 4th birthday she wanted a dog and a fish. Well Thad and I agreed to let her pick one of the two, she picked the dog and so we got a cute black lab dog. The next day after her birthday Grammie took her shopping for the fish. Needless to say we ended up with both. She was thrilled. Well our dog we think got stolen about a year ago and it was a very sad experience, but we still have our fish until about two days ago when I found it dead in the bowl. So I was discreetly trying to get rid of the fish before my children woke up, but Ethan woke up right as I was carrying the fish bowl out of his room. I decided that I could lie to him about the fish to make him feel better but in the long run I knew that an excuse wasn't going to last, so I told him the fish had died and that we were going to flush it down the toilet. He was more than happy to help and came and flushed the fish. What a boy I thought. So at the breakfast table I told Kaitlyn that I had bad news for her and that her fish had died. She was doing suprisingly well with the news but wanted to know what I had done with her fish. So I asked Ethan to tell her what he helped me do. He said "I flushed it." I waited to see what Kaitlyn's reaction would be and you will never guess the words that came out of her mouth. She said and I quote, "But Mom we could have eaten it." I about died laughing. This was not at all the reaction that I was expecting, but do I ever know what to expect when it comes from Kaitlyn, No. Needless to say the fish incident wasn't nearly so traumatic as I was expecting. I did have to explain to Kaitlyn that it is not a good idea to eat our pets, and that this was to small to eat anyway. I sure do love these ranom moments that make life with little kids wonderful.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally Here!!! Yea!!!

Ryan Evan Crump

Dad and his two boys, doesn't he look proud?

This is Ryan right before leaving the hospital.

Kaitlyn, Ryan and my dad Evan where Ryan gets his middle name.

I think Ethan likes him what do you think, sure glad we got the okay on that one.

So I know that I am really slow at posting theses pictures and that this post should probably be longer, but I only have 10 minutes before my little guy needs to eat again.

Without further ado, Ryan Evan Crump is finally here and we are so glad, me more than anyone. He was a big guy right from the get go, just like I thought he would be. He was born June 9, 2009 at 9:42 a.m. and weighed in at 9lbs. 5 oz. He was 21 1/1 in long and has a 14 in head around. To most people he probably looks like a one month old, but because that is how all of our children seem to come he is still little to me. We sure do love the little guy and are loving having him in our home. I have been asked who he looks like and I think that he looks like Ethan when he was born except that Ryan has a little bit lighter and redder hair. In fact at the hospital Thad and I kept calling him Ethan. Opps! Kaitlyn and Ethan sure do love their new brother. Kaitlyn is such a huge helper and I am so lucky that she is around. We have spent quite a bit of time her at my Mom's and we owe her a big thank you for helping us out so much. We are lucky to have family around.

Anyways enjoy the photos and there will be more to come.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Maybe Baby?

So for any of you wondering, I still do not have a baby, but hopefully tomorrow will be the day. I am scheduled to be induced in the morning as long as there is a room available. I'm hoping there is, but trying not to get my hopes too high. I was supposed to be induced with Ethan after going a week over and the morning we called there were no rooms. Fortunatly my water broke later that morning and they had to make room for me. Hence the reason I'm not going to get too excited until I'm told I can come in.
Hopefully soon we will have another cute little boy to cuddle, love, add to our family and post pictures of. Wish us luck!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring, Spring, Spring!!!!

Can I just say that we love Spring and are so happy that the weather appears to be getting warmer. Who knows tomorrow it could snow, but for today we are enjoying the sunshine.

Debuting Kaitlyn's new Room

So I hope you have all been anxiously awaiting these pictures. These are all of the old playroom redone to be Kaitlyn's new bedroom. We have had this room finished for awhile, but like usual it has taken me a couple of weeks to post the evidence.
The Saturday we finished her room it was really late and I thought for sure that Kaitlyn wouldn't want to sleep downstairs until the next day. Boy you think I would know my daughter better by now. Of course the instant the paint was dry and the beeboard on the wall, Kaitlyn tells her dad "okay will you go and get my bed now?" Needless to say we moved her stuff down and she was more than a little excited to sleep in her own room. I on the other hand worried about her being downstairs all by herself all night, she could have cared less. The best part about Kaitlyn having her own room is that she has taken such responiblity of her room and things. I told her if she wanted to be a big girl on her own downstairs that she had to act like one by making her bed, getting dressed and keeping her room clean. If I had known just how well that little talk was going to work we would have moved her down a long time ago. She is AWESOME at all of the above and I never have to ask her twice. I love it when things work out that way. Anyways here are the pictures of the way cute room that I was worried about.

This is the wall perpendicular with her bed.
This is the view walking into her room from the stairs.

This wall and the bookshelf walls were paneling and I love how the stripes worked out. They help to break up the pink.

General Conference Weekend

Kaitlyn and Ethan both love the horses and are not at all afraid to jump right up on them.
Grandpa and Kelly's horses were definatly a hit this weekend.

Thad's dad, Grandpa Crump, had the best idea to rent a horse areana for the afternoon and spend time with the horses. This was how we spent the time in between conferences on general conference weekend. And wouldn't you know it, my first and biggest child (Thad) was the hardest one to get off the horse. ;) We all had a blast.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So after much debate we finally decided to let Kaitlyn move downstairs and have her own bedroom for when the new little one arrives. She is beyond thrilled. Especially since I let her pick out the paint color and the title says it all. She loves pink and I.m going to get used to it. I really do think that it will look really cute, but right now that room seems to be glowing. My mom and Gwen keep reassuring me that once I get all of the trim up and her white furniture put in that it won't seem so pink. All I really care about is how happy she is. I keep asking her what she thinks and her words of praise vary from WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, and LOVELY. I love making my kids happy and this seems to have done it for Kaitlyn. She is even volunteering to take care of Ethn and do more chores just so that I can go and paint her new room. We sre are having fun and I promise there will be pictures.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Fun and Crazy Year so Far

Hello my fellow bloggers, it has been quite awhile and so here is a peak at our fun and crazy lives over the last few months.
I loved how this picture turned out. Isn't she so pretty.

Handsome little devil!

This was just this past Sunday and they just looked so cute I had to get some pics.

I love it when these two are getting along and Kaitlyn is such a big help with her little brother. Soon to be two brothers.


This was one of my very favorite Valentines Days becasue it fell on a Saturday and Thad had work off, so we spent a whole day playing with our kids. That doesn't happen very often for us and it was a blast. The weather was even great for sledding which both of my kids loved. Our only problem was sharing the sled!

Thanks to Gwen Kaitlyn had a way cute hair do for Valentines Day!

Right after Christmas Thad and I decided it was time to give the downstairs shower a major over haul. This was to be our first BIG home improvement project and after taking a tile class (a year ago) we were ready to take the challenge on. Here are the pics start to finish.

Way happy mom and kids becasuse the shower is finally finished. YEA!!

Dad was way happy to!! After a month of being without a shower we were so happy to have this project completed and we love how it turned out. It was definatly a challenge but worth every minute.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Boy or Girl????

Well Thad, Kaitlyn and I went to the ultrasound today and we had definate confirmation of what gender this baby is. As soon as the picture popped up it was very clear "He" wasn't shy at all. Yes we are adding another little boy to our family. Yea!!! Now the hard part of picking a name begins, wish us luck. :)

The other great news that I got was that the due date has moved up a week to June 1st and I'm actually 20 weeks along. Now the prepardness freak that I am has one week less with which to work with. But being pregnant for fewer weeks (I hope) far outweighs that downside. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Getting Ahead

Because I'm such a bad blogger I'm currently trying to be ahead of the game, hence the Valentine's background. So maybe for a little while I won't be so behind. Enjoy!

Big News

So I know it has been a while since I have been on here and that I'm a pretty bad blogger. But I thought that today was an appropriate day to blog even if I don't have my pictures with me. For those of you who don't know, Thad and I are expecting baby #3 the beginning of June. Tomarrow is the big day when we get to find out what we are having (at least I hope we can see). So I thought I would put this out there and hear all of your predictions before I officially announce what gender this baby is.

We decided to let Kaitlyn go with us to the ultrasound. She is "ultra" excited. ;) So I hope she likes it as much as she is expcting to.

All of the boys in my family including Thad have predicted a boy, Mom predicted a girl, Kaitlyn wants a girl and I'm not telling my prediction, we will just have to wait and see if that mothers intution holds true. So good luck guessing!