Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Fish Incident

So I had to blog about this little incident at our home so that I won't soon forget it. Two years ago for Kaitlyn's 4th birthday she wanted a dog and a fish. Well Thad and I agreed to let her pick one of the two, she picked the dog and so we got a cute black lab dog. The next day after her birthday Grammie took her shopping for the fish. Needless to say we ended up with both. She was thrilled. Well our dog we think got stolen about a year ago and it was a very sad experience, but we still have our fish until about two days ago when I found it dead in the bowl. So I was discreetly trying to get rid of the fish before my children woke up, but Ethan woke up right as I was carrying the fish bowl out of his room. I decided that I could lie to him about the fish to make him feel better but in the long run I knew that an excuse wasn't going to last, so I told him the fish had died and that we were going to flush it down the toilet. He was more than happy to help and came and flushed the fish. What a boy I thought. So at the breakfast table I told Kaitlyn that I had bad news for her and that her fish had died. She was doing suprisingly well with the news but wanted to know what I had done with her fish. So I asked Ethan to tell her what he helped me do. He said "I flushed it." I waited to see what Kaitlyn's reaction would be and you will never guess the words that came out of her mouth. She said and I quote, "But Mom we could have eaten it." I about died laughing. This was not at all the reaction that I was expecting, but do I ever know what to expect when it comes from Kaitlyn, No. Needless to say the fish incident wasn't nearly so traumatic as I was expecting. I did have to explain to Kaitlyn that it is not a good idea to eat our pets, and that this was to small to eat anyway. I sure do love these ranom moments that make life with little kids wonderful.