Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kaitlyn Comments!

I had to get this on here before I forget. At the beginning of last month Kaitlyn got a really bad ear infection. She never misses school and missed almost a whole week. We had taken her to the doctor and were told to just watch it and that becuase of her age it would soon pass, but to give her tylonel. Well about 4-5 days went by and she just seemed worse. I would ask her something and she couldn't even hear me. So it was back to the Doctor although a different one. Dr. Williams told me it was a major double ear infection and there was so much fluid around her ear drums that she physically was having a hard time hearing. We got her on medication and soon she was feeling much better.
Throughount this process I just had to laugh and laugh becuase she kept telling me "Mom I just need one of those turny up things in your ear so I can hear you." I said " What are you talking abou?" she said "You know like the old man in UP has!" She was talking about a hearing aid. We all had a good laugh over that one.
Boy am I thankful for little kids who can always make you laugh even at a bad situation.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Dessert

Mom and I decided to try a new dessert she found in her Taste of Homes magazine, called Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle. Doesn't the name just make your mouth water. We are going to share it with all of the guys after the priesthood session tonight.
The layers go as follows. Brownies made with peanut butter chips; along with reeces peanut buttter cups. Topped with a layer of the mix which includes cool whip, vanilla pudding, peanut butter and vanilla.
Keep layering over and over and top with cool whip and recees.

This is what it looks like all finished. It made a ton. This is a punch bowl because it was so huge. Hopefully it tastes great.

Easter Bunny Here We Come!!!

Doesn't he make the cutest Easter Bunny.
So after a long week we finally got around to dying Easter eggs. And just in time considering that tomorow is Easter. Generally we celebrate the Easter bunny on Sat. so we reserve Sun. so our kids will know that Easter is not about the Easter bunny but about the Savior. This year we decided to spend conference with my parents and let them enjoy watching the kids find all the eggs. We also saved dying the eggs with them.
We all had a great time. Who wouldn't with such cute helpers!

Early Gardning

The kids and I are trying our hand at early gardening. This will be our first year to pre-plant our seeds. hoping that we don't have to go and buy the plants later.

We hope that with a little water lots of love and sunshine that here soon we will have some sprouts.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Projecting 2010!!!

The first Project of the year began a little after Christmas. Ever since I found out we were going to be having two little boys I wanted to redo Ethan's room and make it a total little boys bedroom. Thanks go to Brittany for the great idea. We love it.
These pictures were taken at about 10:00 p.m. after we finished painting I will have to get updated photos. Because I have already moved things around. And I forhot to take the photos of the other side of the room.

If you look closely you can see tje gridwork we built on the wall out of MDF. It is awesome and I love how it turned out.

I just found the perfect rug and curtains to match all of this. I'm so excited to get them put up and then of course take more pictures.

Mostly I have to say a huge thank you to Thad my sweet hubby, who whenever I have something I want to do, he jumps right in and does whatever I ask. No matter how many times I may change my mind. Thanks honey I sure do love you!!!!


Our kids were so surprised when one day there dad came home and loaded them into the pickup and headed for town. They soon questioned him to know just where we were going. Boy were they surprised when he said we were going to get a swing set for the backyard. I wish I had a picture of Kaitlyn's face at that exact moment. All I can say is it was pure joy, shock and excitement.
Here are a few pictures along the way.

I thought I had one from further out but I guess I will have to put that on later! But oh do we now have happy children! Which makes for one happy mama!!


This year Thad and I decided it was time for a major upgrade to our home. Our windows are so old that you stood next to them and felt the breeze blow upon your skin. So we decided to invest in new windows and hope that they will decrease our heating bill. (At least that is the plan.) Thankfully Thad's brother Nathan used to work in the window business and agreed to help with our rather large project. I'm pleased to say that thanks to these two very hard workers, they installed 11 difficult windows in one day from start to finish. There are no words to describe just how happy I am. (Thanks Nate for all the help!)




All in all so far we have had lots of fun and I'm sure there will be many more projects to come.
I love it and they keep me sane.

Little Twiners

I have always thought it was so cute when people had two children of the same gender close enough together that you could dress them alike. So now that I have that opportunity I love to do it. The problem with this is that I have to spend more money to buy not one but two of the same outfit. All the same they are adorable.
Kaitlyn keeps telling me she wants a sister so that she can do the same thing. Poor girl! :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long Time No See!!

So I wanted these pictures at the end of this post, but blogger and I have been fighting so here they are at the first.

This one was taken over Christmas vacation at the hockey game we went too.
So was this one, can you tell he doesn't like loud noises :)

This here is the soon to be missionary. Isn't he awesome.

These three are the best of pals and Calvin is the best and nicest Uncle. Most of the time I look like a bad mom when compared with Calvin.

And isn't he just a cutie!

So I know that it has been a long time for us sinceI have updated anything, but I have a few minutes now and thought I could take advantage of this time. So I will be cramming a lot of info into this post and it probably won't make much sense to anyone but me. Good Luck. There is officially one week left until Calvin goes on his mission. He will be heading off to St. Louis, Missouri and he will be awesome! It is still hard to let family go though. This week we are spending as much time as possible with him. It worked out great that this also happens to be spring break, so Kaitlyn can have sleep overs, motorcycle ride, and hotdog roasts with her favorite person.

These are our new family pictures that were takes over the weekend, almost in the rain. Thanks to Ashley and Shalene for their help. We were just glad to get one before Calvin left.

This was taken in front of the Rexburg Temple after Calvin went through for the first time. It was such a great day.
This last week we decided to get a swing set for our kids. We have debated for a long time and finally decided that it was now or never. I was amazed when Thad took over all of the research and the calling and figuring out schedules to make this whole thing work. Needless to say that a week ago the swing set arrived at our home. Of course at 10:00 p.m. Thad wanted to go out and start setting the whole thing up. I finally convinced him that it wasn't such a great idea, and we started the next evening. My dad and mom even came into town to help us out. Well it took us until Saturday to get it assembled but our kids love it. So do I because it has been keeping them so busy, especially with their spring fever. One of the nights while working on this project Ethan had gotten into Thad's tools and drug them all across the lawn. So my husband trying to be the good parent explains that his tools will get lost or eaten by our dog if left all over the yard. Ethan looked at Thad, cocked his head in a most distressed tone stated, "You've got to be kidding me!" Like come on Dad I can't play with your tools. Needless to say the two of them had a great time building the swing set. No sarcasm intend they really had a great time together. I have pictures, just not with me. So they will be coming.
My other project that I probably should wait until the pics are with me is that over the winter we redid my boys room. It was so fun and I'm so happy with how it all turned out. Thanks to Brittany for the great idea. Ever since we found out that Ryan would be a boy I wanted to do a totally boy room. Now we have and we love it.

The last or most current project to finish off the boys' room and the rest of my house is that we are getting new windows and I can hardly wait. We are hoping that by doing so we can save money on our heating and eletric bills. At any rate the windows in our home are so old that you can feel a breeze coming in when you stand next to them. So we are excited.