Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bed Time Blues

So Thad and I are cursed when it comes to moving a child from a crib into a "big bed". As all of you know for quite some time I have been struggling to keep my son in his crib, so this past weekend we took the plunge and went and bought a mattress for Ethan.

We thought we had problems keeping our son in his crib, well let me tell you that a normal bed is much harder to keep a curious two year old in.

After going through this same drama with Kaitlyn we kind of knew what we were up against because we had such a huge struggle with her. But we were hoping that Ethan would watch Kaitlyn and think that it was "really cool" to sleep in his bed. Boy are we dumb. :) So we have been fighting this dilemma over the weekend and last night I think I had a breakthrough at 10:30 p.m. After the hundredth time of putting my son back in bed and using many other threatening methods that weren't working. I sat at the other side of the room and ignored him. This in turn mad him mad, so he came to get my attention. Well without looking at him or speaking to him. I picked him up and put him back in bed. After about 4-5 times of this and many tears he finally gave up and went to sleep. I was overjoyed. My son hates being ignored and I won. Now please all pray that this same tactic keeps working or else we are sunk.

One good note is that they're room still works with two beds in it. We were a little concerned.:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm Back!

At long last I return to blogging, not because I haven't wanted to be here, but it's been a while since I've gotten to use the computer. So all my great and wonderful friends if you thought I was gone. I'm not, we have returned. Here is the quick version of what we have been doing over the last month. But the best thing that happened to us is that we finally finished harvest. Yeah!!!!! We are so blessed and grateful. Enjoy these cute pics of my family

My little son is all boy and not just a boy but one who follows in his Daddy's footsteps. One morning after Thad had left for harvest Ethan came to me wearing his Dad's hat and carrying his water jug saying "I go work." It was adorable. This little guy sure does love farming, tractors and trucks.

My kids finally accomplished the impossible......We made sugar cookies. I'm not very good when it comes to baking with my kids. So this was a big hit with them. Papa and Grammie liked it to when they got their special delivery.

One of our favorite games is "Don't Eat Pete". Ethan has just caught on to how the game works and loves it. For anyone who's never heard of this game give me a ring all it takes is a piece of paper and any small bite size candy. We use M&M's, chocolate chips, or skittles. It is great family bonding time.

Halloween is a favorite around our house. The kids love to dress up and I love to eat their candy. :) All in all we make a great team. This year Kaitlyn was a Southern Belle and Ethan was a cowboy. They both had a blast and I definatly am a fan of the trunk or treating vs. house to house.

Winter is definatly interesting when it comes in the middle of October. Of course my kids were thrilled when their Papa called and gave mom the guilt trip so after the 20 minutes to get them all dressed and ready, they went out and played for 5 minutes and were done. But they sure loved it and they really love Papa. Thanks dad your a great Grandpa. They also liked trying to catch snowfalkes with their mouths.

The pumpkin patch has always been a big deal for my kids and they like it even more when their cousins come along.