Monday, September 29, 2008

Harvest Has Arrived

So for those of you who sitll have not participated in potato harvest. Here is a sneak peak to how it all happens. This is how I was raised and how my kids will be raised too. We love being part of the family farm. Top photo my mom and brother Calvin. Bottom photo Dad is driving the potato harvester and my mom is in her truck.

If you can't already tell my kids love harvest. This week Kaitlyn gets to go on a field trip guessed it a potato field. She is excited that we get to go together but her comment was "you know mom it's not Grandpa's field." We'll still have fun even if we have done this a million times already. I guess she can be the expert. :) Top photo Ethan and Kaitlyn. Bottom photo my Mom in yellow shirt, cousin Kelsey in black and Aunt Melanie in white.
The only photo I am missing is that of my sweetie, Thad, he was on the raod somewhere in his semi delivering the potatoes. Sorry hun! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ethan's Woes!

Ethan is somewhat struggling to adjust to this whole school issue, not because he misses Kailtyn so much as he wants to go to school too. Two days ago after we dropped Kaitlyn off he cried all the way home repeating over and over again. "Ethan school." I felt so bad that I tried to explain to him that he is too little. He asked why and I said you have to be 5 and he is just 2. Coincidentally as soon as he woke up from his nap I happened to ask him how old he is and of course he said 5. :) Oh well he has his own backpack but I don't know if that helps or makes it worse. As you can see he sleeps with it.

One of Kaitlyn's favorite parts of school is getting all dressed up and wearing new clothes and this day was no exception. Isn't she adorable, but what can I say I'm completly biased. :)

Kaitlyn 1st Day of School

So here's to you sweetheart. Kaitlyn absolutly loves school, espcially her teacher Mrs. Udy. Every weekend she asks me to tell her what tomorrow is until we reach Monday because that is the day she gets to go back to school.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Girls Nights are Awesome!.

So I just wanted to say a big a thanks to all of my friends who came to my party last night. It's so much fun to have a girls night every once in a while, where we get to chat and eat great junk food together. So thanks a bunch for coming and hanging out with me last night. I loved it. And a big thanks to my husband who puts up with me for having all of these great parties. I love you sweetie! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I just figured out how to post pictures, but don't have many with me. I hope you enjoy this one of me and my family high atop a mountain somewhere up Hagler Canyon. Motorcycling is one of the many outdoor hobbies we enjoy. We are missing Clint who is on a mission in Russia. We miss you Clint. L-R. Thad, Brigitte, Dad, Mom, Ethan, Brent, Kaitlyn, and Calvin. Of all the things to do in this world, I love being with my family the most.

The Beginning of a New Adventure

So after much persuasion, prodding and pleading :). I'm starting my first blog post. Gwen has been telling me to do so for quite a while, but without the internet in our home I didn't really see the point, until the other day when Gwen had the brilliant idea to use my mom's. So here I am.

Well you know that it is time to start blogging when your 5 year old daughter says in her night time prayers "Thank you for letting my Mom make food that I don't like and please bless my body learn to like it." :) I guess at least she's honest. Kaitlyn definatly keeps me on my toes with comments like these coming out of her quite often. Your the best angel.

As most of you know Ethan recently turned 2 and I think he now knows that he is 2 and has decided to test his limits. The day after the blessed event, within a matter of ten minutes the following occured, he hit his sister with a maracca, spit water all over the dining room, and shoved cereal up his nose. I thought turning 2 with a girl was bad, boy do I find my hands full with this little monkey. But on the sweeter side of me little boy, I find the kisses, hugs and laughter of a little boy are uncomparable. I love you Ethan.