Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Beginning of a New Adventure

So after much persuasion, prodding and pleading :). I'm starting my first blog post. Gwen has been telling me to do so for quite a while, but without the internet in our home I didn't really see the point, until the other day when Gwen had the brilliant idea to use my mom's. So here I am.

Well you know that it is time to start blogging when your 5 year old daughter says in her night time prayers "Thank you for letting my Mom make food that I don't like and please bless my body learn to like it." :) I guess at least she's honest. Kaitlyn definatly keeps me on my toes with comments like these coming out of her quite often. Your the best angel.

As most of you know Ethan recently turned 2 and I think he now knows that he is 2 and has decided to test his limits. The day after the blessed event, within a matter of ten minutes the following occured, he hit his sister with a maracca, spit water all over the dining room, and shoved cereal up his nose. I thought turning 2 with a girl was bad, boy do I find my hands full with this little monkey. But on the sweeter side of me little boy, I find the kisses, hugs and laughter of a little boy are uncomparable. I love you Ethan.


Greg and Gwen

I'm so glad you joined the blogging world!!! It's the best journal you will ever keep! And besides, I don't talk to you nearly enough so it's good I have a way to stay in touch ;)

Brandon and Brittany

Your blog is officially cool now that I am leaving you a comment! ;) Remember, you're welcome to my internet anytime! It's not like I don't enjoy your company...


Glad to see you have joined the blogging masses! Keep those pictures coming.
Rae and Jared