Monday, September 29, 2008

Harvest Has Arrived

So for those of you who sitll have not participated in potato harvest. Here is a sneak peak to how it all happens. This is how I was raised and how my kids will be raised too. We love being part of the family farm. Top photo my mom and brother Calvin. Bottom photo Dad is driving the potato harvester and my mom is in her truck.

If you can't already tell my kids love harvest. This week Kaitlyn gets to go on a field trip guessed it a potato field. She is excited that we get to go together but her comment was "you know mom it's not Grandpa's field." We'll still have fun even if we have done this a million times already. I guess she can be the expert. :) Top photo Ethan and Kaitlyn. Bottom photo my Mom in yellow shirt, cousin Kelsey in black and Aunt Melanie in white.
The only photo I am missing is that of my sweetie, Thad, he was on the raod somewhere in his semi delivering the potatoes. Sorry hun! :)


Perpetual Mommy Exhaustion

After staring at potatoes that long, do you loose your appetite for them? The only time I lost my appetite for meat was the time I saw them butcher a heifer in my yard. It did not smell good.


Last year the field behind our house was potatoes. It was enchanting to watch the harvest as the trucks moved across the field like choreographed dancers.

I think it's great to work together with your family!


You make harvesting look like so much fun! I loved seeing all the pictures of the family. What are you guys planning for Thanksgiving?