Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kaitlyn Comments!

I had to get this on here before I forget. At the beginning of last month Kaitlyn got a really bad ear infection. She never misses school and missed almost a whole week. We had taken her to the doctor and were told to just watch it and that becuase of her age it would soon pass, but to give her tylonel. Well about 4-5 days went by and she just seemed worse. I would ask her something and she couldn't even hear me. So it was back to the Doctor although a different one. Dr. Williams told me it was a major double ear infection and there was so much fluid around her ear drums that she physically was having a hard time hearing. We got her on medication and soon she was feeling much better.
Throughount this process I just had to laugh and laugh becuase she kept telling me "Mom I just need one of those turny up things in your ear so I can hear you." I said " What are you talking abou?" she said "You know like the old man in UP has!" She was talking about a hearing aid. We all had a good laugh over that one.
Boy am I thankful for little kids who can always make you laugh even at a bad situation.


Sarah's Project

That's awesome! I keep telling Donna she needs the same thing - but not because of an ear infection, hee hee. The poor girl still can't hear well, but I'm sooo glad your little one is feeling better!


That is soo funny. Glad she is feeling better and her eardrums didn't rupture.


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