Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Update!

Family Photo 2010

Hi everybody this is just a quick update to say that yes we are still here and doing well. I loved this family photo for numerous reasons. 1. It was unplanned and everyone looks great. 2. Thad and I took this picture ourselves ( we sure do love having a timer on the camera) 3. The weather was perfect and the leaves beautiful 4. Everyone was smiling and happy.

I'm posting this so you can see how big my kids are growing. I have come to realize lately that our family is growing up right under my nose. Kaitlyn will turn 8 this year and that is kind of a big deal. Thad and I can't believe we have a child old enough to be baptized. We are so grateful for our family and our blessings.


Adam and Rachael

Beautiful family picture!! Where was that taken? I love outdoor pictures. You're family's growing up too fast!

The Downs Family

Beautiful family Brigitte! I love that you are online more! I really need to get my blog up and going again...been almost a year since my last post...opps! Love ya lady!