Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long Time No See!!

So I wanted these pictures at the end of this post, but blogger and I have been fighting so here they are at the first.

This one was taken over Christmas vacation at the hockey game we went too.
So was this one, can you tell he doesn't like loud noises :)

This here is the soon to be missionary. Isn't he awesome.

These three are the best of pals and Calvin is the best and nicest Uncle. Most of the time I look like a bad mom when compared with Calvin.

And isn't he just a cutie!

So I know that it has been a long time for us sinceI have updated anything, but I have a few minutes now and thought I could take advantage of this time. So I will be cramming a lot of info into this post and it probably won't make much sense to anyone but me. Good Luck. There is officially one week left until Calvin goes on his mission. He will be heading off to St. Louis, Missouri and he will be awesome! It is still hard to let family go though. This week we are spending as much time as possible with him. It worked out great that this also happens to be spring break, so Kaitlyn can have sleep overs, motorcycle ride, and hotdog roasts with her favorite person.

These are our new family pictures that were takes over the weekend, almost in the rain. Thanks to Ashley and Shalene for their help. We were just glad to get one before Calvin left.

This was taken in front of the Rexburg Temple after Calvin went through for the first time. It was such a great day.
This last week we decided to get a swing set for our kids. We have debated for a long time and finally decided that it was now or never. I was amazed when Thad took over all of the research and the calling and figuring out schedules to make this whole thing work. Needless to say that a week ago the swing set arrived at our home. Of course at 10:00 p.m. Thad wanted to go out and start setting the whole thing up. I finally convinced him that it wasn't such a great idea, and we started the next evening. My dad and mom even came into town to help us out. Well it took us until Saturday to get it assembled but our kids love it. So do I because it has been keeping them so busy, especially with their spring fever. One of the nights while working on this project Ethan had gotten into Thad's tools and drug them all across the lawn. So my husband trying to be the good parent explains that his tools will get lost or eaten by our dog if left all over the yard. Ethan looked at Thad, cocked his head in a most distressed tone stated, "You've got to be kidding me!" Like come on Dad I can't play with your tools. Needless to say the two of them had a great time building the swing set. No sarcasm intend they really had a great time together. I have pictures, just not with me. So they will be coming.
My other project that I probably should wait until the pics are with me is that over the winter we redid my boys room. It was so fun and I'm so happy with how it all turned out. Thanks to Brittany for the great idea. Ever since we found out that Ryan would be a boy I wanted to do a totally boy room. Now we have and we love it.

The last or most current project to finish off the boys' room and the rest of my house is that we are getting new windows and I can hardly wait. We are hoping that by doing so we can save money on our heating and eletric bills. At any rate the windows in our home are so old that you can feel a breeze coming in when you stand next to them. So we are excited.



Sounds fun! Love the family picture! What does the swing set look like?

Adam and Rachael

Horray! A new post!! Cute pictures! I want to see some pictures of the swing set and the boys room too :). It sounds like you've been busy with projects. Good for you!