Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally Here!!! Yea!!!

Ryan Evan Crump

Dad and his two boys, doesn't he look proud?

This is Ryan right before leaving the hospital.

Kaitlyn, Ryan and my dad Evan where Ryan gets his middle name.

I think Ethan likes him what do you think, sure glad we got the okay on that one.

So I know that I am really slow at posting theses pictures and that this post should probably be longer, but I only have 10 minutes before my little guy needs to eat again.

Without further ado, Ryan Evan Crump is finally here and we are so glad, me more than anyone. He was a big guy right from the get go, just like I thought he would be. He was born June 9, 2009 at 9:42 a.m. and weighed in at 9lbs. 5 oz. He was 21 1/1 in long and has a 14 in head around. To most people he probably looks like a one month old, but because that is how all of our children seem to come he is still little to me. We sure do love the little guy and are loving having him in our home. I have been asked who he looks like and I think that he looks like Ethan when he was born except that Ryan has a little bit lighter and redder hair. In fact at the hospital Thad and I kept calling him Ethan. Opps! Kaitlyn and Ethan sure do love their new brother. Kaitlyn is such a huge helper and I am so lucky that she is around. We have spent quite a bit of time her at my Mom's and we owe her a big thank you for helping us out so much. We are lucky to have family around.

Anyways enjoy the photos and there will be more to come.


Greg and Gwen

He looks EXACTLY like Ethan!!! I'm going to have a hard time not calling him Ethan too :)

CONGRATULATIONS you guys! What a cutie!!!

Molly Andrew

Nice job Briggite! He does look so much like Ethan.

Brandon and Brittany

YAY! I love it! I agree with Gwen (and you, for that matter) He looks EXACTLY like Ethan. Cute boy. Randomly, his outfit is adorable, just thought I'd tell you.
And the picture of Ethan at the bottom is the best. Love you guys and we can't wait to meet our new little neighbor.

Adam and Rachael

What a handsome baby boy!! Congrats you guys, on a wonderful new addition to your cute family!

shayne and kimberly

Hurray!I am so glad ,for you, that he is finally here! He is adorable.

Sam and Livi

He's sooooooooo cute. So happy to share a birthday with that cutie pie!


I'm so happy for you Brigitte, and he is BEAUTIFUL!! sorry I didn't make it when my mom came over, wish I'd been there! We miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much in YW!! can't wait till you're back! So did ANY of us guess right on the date? I know i was off by a couple days lol...


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What a cute boy. Congrats!