Monday, April 20, 2009

Debuting Kaitlyn's new Room

So I hope you have all been anxiously awaiting these pictures. These are all of the old playroom redone to be Kaitlyn's new bedroom. We have had this room finished for awhile, but like usual it has taken me a couple of weeks to post the evidence.
The Saturday we finished her room it was really late and I thought for sure that Kaitlyn wouldn't want to sleep downstairs until the next day. Boy you think I would know my daughter better by now. Of course the instant the paint was dry and the beeboard on the wall, Kaitlyn tells her dad "okay will you go and get my bed now?" Needless to say we moved her stuff down and she was more than a little excited to sleep in her own room. I on the other hand worried about her being downstairs all by herself all night, she could have cared less. The best part about Kaitlyn having her own room is that she has taken such responiblity of her room and things. I told her if she wanted to be a big girl on her own downstairs that she had to act like one by making her bed, getting dressed and keeping her room clean. If I had known just how well that little talk was going to work we would have moved her down a long time ago. She is AWESOME at all of the above and I never have to ask her twice. I love it when things work out that way. Anyways here are the pictures of the way cute room that I was worried about.

This is the wall perpendicular with her bed.
This is the view walking into her room from the stairs.

This wall and the bookshelf walls were paneling and I love how the stripes worked out. They help to break up the pink.


Sarah's Project

Brigitte it's just beautiful! I think the pink is perfect and I've heard Kaitlyn mention just a few times in Primary how much she loves it. You are an awesome Mom!

Kami D.

Brig, that room looks so cute!! Good job!


The room looks great! It is the perfect shade of pink and the stripes are fantastic. I'm glad she likes it.

Adam and Rachael

So cute!!! Does she sleep good down there? I'll have to come see it in person now. :)


Adorable!! WHat a lucky little girl!

Amanda Sue

Wow!! You guys have been busy!! Marc said that is a lot of pink, but consider the source is from the house of male testosterone (so jealous that Molly gets to break her cycle :) ). I'm sure that Kaitlyn loves it!!