Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Fun and Crazy Year so Far

Hello my fellow bloggers, it has been quite awhile and so here is a peak at our fun and crazy lives over the last few months.
I loved how this picture turned out. Isn't she so pretty.

Handsome little devil!

This was just this past Sunday and they just looked so cute I had to get some pics.

I love it when these two are getting along and Kaitlyn is such a big help with her little brother. Soon to be two brothers.


This was one of my very favorite Valentines Days becasue it fell on a Saturday and Thad had work off, so we spent a whole day playing with our kids. That doesn't happen very often for us and it was a blast. The weather was even great for sledding which both of my kids loved. Our only problem was sharing the sled!

Thanks to Gwen Kaitlyn had a way cute hair do for Valentines Day!

Right after Christmas Thad and I decided it was time to give the downstairs shower a major over haul. This was to be our first BIG home improvement project and after taking a tile class (a year ago) we were ready to take the challenge on. Here are the pics start to finish.

Way happy mom and kids becasuse the shower is finally finished. YEA!!

Dad was way happy to!! After a month of being without a shower we were so happy to have this project completed and we love how it turned out. It was definatly a challenge but worth every minute.



Cute pictures! And HURRAY - the shower is done! It looks awesome! Do you guys do sheetrock? lol