Monday, January 12, 2009

Boy or Girl????

Well Thad, Kaitlyn and I went to the ultrasound today and we had definate confirmation of what gender this baby is. As soon as the picture popped up it was very clear "He" wasn't shy at all. Yes we are adding another little boy to our family. Yea!!! Now the hard part of picking a name begins, wish us luck. :)

The other great news that I got was that the due date has moved up a week to June 1st and I'm actually 20 weeks along. Now the prepardness freak that I am has one week less with which to work with. But being pregnant for fewer weeks (I hope) far outweighs that downside. :)


Brandon and Brittany

congrats! congrats!

Courtney and Andrew

congrats! I am so excited for you!

shayne and kimberly

that is great.. i bet kaitlynn enjoyed seeing her soon to be brother!

Sarah's Project

We're so happy for you sweetie! We need some more cute, strong men around for all my girls to make googoo eyes at.

Molly Andrew

Yeah!!! We love boys! Congrats! Happy Birthday Thad! Love ya!


Congrats guys! We're going to have a boy too!!!


UMMMMMM BRIG: you are totally on blogger. AND SO AM I. Im pretty much obsessed with it. Lets be blog friends. Mine is private so I will add you. CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby!! Can't wait to meet him.


P.S. you can email me at with your address so I can add you. :)


Yeah! Your kids will love another boy! And don't worry they will be lots of help! Congratulations!


Congratulations on the new baby!
I found your blog off of Rachael's, and your kids have gotten so big!!

Good luck and take care!
Trisha Tigert


Hey! Do you have grandma and grandpa's address?

Kami D.

Hey Brig...I left you a present on my blog.